effective date

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Effective date

In an interest rate swap, the date the swap begins accruing interest.

effective date

The date on which a new offering registered with the SEC may be sold by underwriters. There is usually a 20-day cooling-off period between the filing of a registration and the effective date.
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The same effective date must apply to all of the employer's NQDC plans.
The Institute is preparing comments on the revised rules, but wanted to voice our concerns about the effective date of the regulations immediately.
In McLeod, the insured had been receiving medical care for various ailments prior to the effective date of coverage, including a consultation with her physician for arm numbness on Feb.
The Federal Reserve Board, on December 16, 2003, requested comment on interim final rules and proposed rules to establish effective dates for certain provisions of the Fair and Accurate Transactions Act of 2003 (FACT Act) including provisions that preempt state laws that regulate areas governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
dollars which the subject equipment could typically realize at a privately negotiated sale, properly advertised and professionally managed, by a seller obligated to sell over an extended period of time, usually within six to twelve months, as of the effective date of the appraisal report.
situations in which 100 percent of the common stock of the REIT is issued to a single shareholder and the issuance of the REIT's preferred stock to 99 "friendly" shareholders) would be effective for entities electing REIT status for taxable years on or after the Effective Date.
To reduce administrative burdens, we recommend that the Government consult widely with various industries in order to determine and set the earliest optimal effective date for the rate reductions as well as to develop transition rules to smooth the implementation of this vital initiative.
Scope and effective dates - covers all occupational exposures; mixtures with less than 0.
The practice also is concerned that the effective date of capital gains reform only will be retroactive to January 1, 1996, not January 1, 1995 as many had hoped.
Finally, in respect of the effective date of the proposed regulations, TEI urged the IRS and Treasury Department to permit taxpayers to elect to use all or portions of the proposed regulations for all open tax years.

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