economic statistics

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economic statistics

the statistics collected by government and other bodies concerning levels of output and income in an economy exports and imports, unemployment levels, rates of inflation, etc.

Economic statistics may be used to show trends in economic variables over time and to facilitate comparisons between countries or regions within a country. This data may be analysed by conventional statistical methods or by ECONOMETRICS to establish significant relationships between the variables involved as a basis for formulating ECONOMIC POLICY.

Economic statistics are contained in government publications such as the UK

National Accounts (Blue Book), UK Balance of Payments (Pink Book) and Labour Market Trends. International statistics appear in such publications as the United Nations Yearbook, OECD Main Economic Indicators and EU Statistical Digest.

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4% in Kyrgyzstan, Head of the Department of Economic Statistics and National Accounts of the National Statistics Committee of Kyrgyzstan Elvira Isenkulova told reporters on March 13.
The report also highlighted the progress made by the sultanate in economic statistics, from 46 in 2016 to 61 in 2017; thanks to improving the databases of banks and banking organisations.
Contract:as a result of the bean review of economic statistics, the ons are investigating the economic activities undertaken by uk businesses and how these are reflected in the standard industrial classification (sic) 2007.
The provincial court has set aside the orders of appointments of Member Census and Survey, Member Human Resource Management (HRM) and Member Economic Statistics due to violation of provincial quotas and absence of PBS rules.
The project has been undertaken with cooperation from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, the United Nations Population Fund and the Central Administration of Statistics -- a government entity that collects, processes, produces and disseminates social and economic statistics at the national level.
The committee is set to discuss a number of items related to the Arab joint statistical action, including surveys, censuses as well as national and economic statistics, said the meeting's chairman Abdullah al Suqrati.
The slowdown in private spending had an effect on lowering the growth rate, despite the hike of facility investments," said Chung Kyu-il, director of the Economic Statistics Department at the BOK.
This law will meet international standards in producing statistics and will update the 1999 law, he told TAP on the sidelines of the 12th African Symposium on Statistical Development (ASSD 2016), which runs from November 2 to 4 in Gammarth, on the theme "strengthening basic economic statistics for compilation of national accounts in Africa.
THE Office for National Statistics (ONS) is consolidating Newport's role as the hub for economic statistics by recruiting 30 new economic researchers.
These changes improve the overall comparability of international economic statistics across countries and provide policy makers and others with a stronger statistical foundation for understanding and responding to international economic events.
The official said economic statistics showed that inflation rate would jump from last year's 5.
Economic statistics will be reviewed in the meeting of the board of directors and interest rate will be announced later through a written statement.