economic sanctions

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Trade Sanction

One or more trade barriers that a country places upon another country as a punitive action. A country may institute a trade sanction because it disagrees with its trade policies; for example, if country A subsidizes domestic corn so that it reduces demand for country B's imports, country B may restrict the import of country A's wheat as punishment. Alternatively, a trade sanction may occur when two countries disagree on a more fundamental level. A trade sanction should not be confused with an economic sanction.

economic sanctions

bilateral or multinational prohibitions (embargoes) on the EXPORT and IMPORT of goods, services and capital to and from a particular country Economic sanctions are applied as an adjunct to political pressure being brought to bear on a country by the international community for that country to change its political/economic policies.
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All of these hypotheses apply to not only the decision to employ economic sanctions but also the decision to alter them once they are in place.
The European Union lifted some economic sanctions and offered $2 billion in aid to help rebuild the country.
If you go, you will be able to speak to the whole country on your return about the effects of these unjust economic sanctions on Iraqi children.
companies to decline business where the trade and economic sanctions would be violated or insert geographic exclusions of coverage and/or exclusions of coverage for activities that would violate the sanctions.
Afri co-ordinator Joe Murray said: "The US and Britain have imposed economic sanctions for the last decade, causing great human suffering and the death of more than 4,500 children every month.
Also, since the end of the Gulf War in 1991 the Pope has denounced the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, sanctions which have caused great hardship, including starvation.
Since the economic sanctions imposed in August 1990 and the ensuing Gulf war and bombardments, Iraq's civilian infrastructure has been systematically destroyed.
Businesses say economic sanctions are ineffective in punishing the two countries because they only give new business opportunities to Japanese and European firms.
Imposition of these economic sanctions has also sparked a debate in the U.
In these kinds of negotiations and relationships, the threatened use of economic sanctions is, unfortunately, part of the process.
With the dismantling of apartheid and the lifting of economic sanctions, there is no longer any need for the fin rand," says Fleming vice-president John Balfe.
Ahmed Mohammed Sadig Al-Krouri has called for lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1997 .

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