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But had she just read both of Adam Smith's books, she would have seen that, from the start, the case for the system of natural liberty hardly rested on a narrow conception of economic man.
The Soul of Modern Economic Man, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1983.
Neuroeconomics and Behavioral Economics) that do not need such assumptions about rational economic man.
To desire to be like the rational economic man is much like a traditional understanding of sin.
While the economic man maximizes, the administrative man satisfices, i.
Feminist economics as a field has developed through conscientiously stated frameworks and ideologies (Ferber and Nelson Beyond Economic Man : Feminist Theory and Economics (1993); Ferber and Nelson Feminist Economics Today : Beyond Economic Man (2003); Strassmann (2008); Berik, Rodgers and Seguino (2009)).
Her brief but suggestive reading of Gandhi as the quintessential economic man who refashioned trusteeship as an idiom of governance in a deeply paternalist mode could profitably be the starting point for a truly revisionist history of twentieth-century Indian nationalism.
or] our old friend Rational Economic Man resurrected in modern garb' (p7).
And in 'Smithian answers to some puzzling results in the experimental literature', Mafia Paganelli argues that reasons why experimental economists have found that participants in their games do not behave as a rational economic man would behave are in many cases to be found in the writings of Adam Smith, notably in his idea that individuals' behaviour is determined by their seeking the approbation of an impartial observer.
If rational economic man is extinct, as Scientific American argued four years ago, where does that leave economic theory?
Christian democracy differed from classical liberal individualism with its faith in economic man following rational self-interest.
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