economic indicator

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A signal of a security's or the broader economy's health. An indicator may cause a company's stock to rise or fall in price. Indicators can be technical or fundamental in nature. There are three basic types of indicator. A leading indicator occurs before an event or trend takes place, and is thought to be predictive. A coincident indicator happens at the same time as the general trend. Finally, a lagging indicator occurs after the trend is well established, and is thought to confirm it. See also: Signal.

economic indicator

A variable such as the unemployment rate or volume of help-wanted advertising that indicates the direction of the economy.

Economic indicator.

Economic indicators are statistical measurements of current business conditions.

Changes in leading indicators, including those that track factory orders, stock prices, the money supply, and consumer confidence, forecast short-term economic strength or weakness.

In contrast, lagging indicators, such as business spending, bank interest rates, and unemployment figures, move up or down in the wake of changes in the economy.

The Conference Board, a nonprofit business research firm, releases its weighted indexes of leading, lagging, and coincident indicators every month.

Though the individual components are also reported separately throughout the month, the indicators provide a snapshot of the economy's overall health.

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Economic indicators are snippets of financial and economic data published regularly by governmental agencies and the private sector.
This work for scholars and students explains how prices and other economic indicators came to be used to measure human prosperity or social valuation, and how production became the goal of society and social policy.
Ahmad Al Jaloudi stated that the Committee is accurately measuring and reviewing the economic indicators to be able to propose recommendations and to launch initiatives that can clearly affect the mission of TAGKF "Realizing a Jordanian national GDP of $200 billion by 2040.
The head of the mission commended the reform efforts being implemented despite the regional conditions surrounding the Kingdom, noting that some of the economic indicators had shown improvement, such as the Kingdom's foreign currency reserves.
He said that economic indicators were much better if compared with situation before 2013.
dollar will react more to a different set of economic indicators.
leading economic indicators posted solid gains on Thursday.
During an earlier meeting, al-Wajih briefed al-Mannai on the economic reforms made by the government in order to achieve an economic stability led to acceptable growth rates in various economic indicators.
Oregon's economy is growing at a rate that is near to somewhat above the average rate since 1990, according to the University of Oregon's latest Index of Economic Indicators.
This work compiles sources of economic indicators that can help business managers, investors, and policymakers understand the economic outlook and plan accordingly.
The composite index of coincident economic indicators stood at 97.
This discusses common economic indicators and how to read and understand them, from real estate trends and early inflation warnings to how to read manufacturing reports.

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