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Special Claim on Residual Equity (SCORE)

A certificate that entitles the owner to the capital appreciation of an underlying security, but not to the dividend income from the security.


In the United Kingdom, a slang term for 20 pounds.
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As Labor Day approaches, the National Beer Wholesalers Association is publicizing its new economic impact report, which notes that the 3,300 independent beer distribution facilities in the U.
Meanwhile, the UAE's Economic Impact Report shows the economic and social relevance of the travel and tourism industry in the UAE as well as its potential over the next decade.
WTTCs Annual Economic Impact Report 2014 for India shows Travel and Tourism's economic contribution is expected to grow by 7.
The Economic Impact Report underlines the economic and social relevance of the Travel & Tourism industry as well as its potential over the next decade.
BP's most recent promotion of its good business behavior was a November 13, 2013, press release, "BP Issues First Annual US Economic Impact Report Detailing its Commitment to American Economy.
Thomas Glynn said a newly released economic impact report predicts a nearly 3-to-1 return on Massport's $126 million investment over the coming decade in the regional airport it owns and operates.
A recent Expo 2020 economic impact report by Oxford Economics shows that Dubai Expo 2020 would support over 277,000 jobs - many generated by the $7.
A 2011 economic impact report, administered by the Bureau of Economic Business Research at the University of Utah, determined that more than 27,000 Utahns (about 8,800 households) were sustained because of the $1.
This free toolkit also includes "The Trillion Dollar Apartment Industry" economic impact report, a reprint of the units Magazine article about the industry's economic impact and a user guide.
That's the advice of human resources experts in the wake of a recent economic impact report which concluded that a successful bid will create almost 280,000 jobs by 2021.
4 billion a year, according to Duy's recent Economic Impact Report.

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