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Again, if econometricians fully understood the endogeneity they confronted, this wouldn't be an issue.
Freedman (1999) pointed out that econometricians tend to neglect the difficulties in establishing causal relations and that the mathematical complexities tend to obscure, rather than clarify, the assumptions for a statistical model.
Suppose an econometrician has access to a sample of data from this DGP, but does not know the true form of the underlying model.
Historians of railways, rather than econometricians, do however have reasons to feel some unease.
access to technical and scientific based econometricians and insight analysts ?
I hope the paper stimulates time series econometricians and statisticians to return to the methodological issues of seasonal adjustment.
Basmann, "The Professional Responsibility of the Econometrician for Truthfulness in the Teaching of Economics," in Educating Economists, eds., Colander, David, and Brenner, Reuven (The University of Michigan Press, 1992).
There are a number of other differences that may be of interest to econometricians but their initial result is quite consistent despite using a different technique, time period, and dataset.
I also wish to commend Moroccan statisticians, demographers, econometricians, computer scientists and experts in economic prospective studies and forecasts for the contributions they have been making to improve the quality of our national statistical system.
Clive Granger remains one of the most influential time series econometricians of our time.
This handbook will be useful for econometricians, financial statisticians, econometrics researchers, and advanced students of econometrics.