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1. See: Niche market.

2. See: Niche marketing.
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Temporal variability of ecological niches: a study on intertidal macrobenthic fauna.--Oikos 122: 754-760.
Table III.-Field validation for the ecological niche modeling of Anopheles gambiae s.l (Larval abundance: total number of larvae collected from different risk classes).
This issue aims to consider the advances in both phylogeography and ecological niche modelling.
In other words, the disenfranchised group can gradually improve their ecological niche through interactive communication and adjustment.
Shaw highlights some of the keys to insect diversity, including tiny size, which lets insects take advantage of even exceedingly small ecological niches. Prolific reproduction and short life spans both enable rapid evolution.
In many textbooks, the ecological niche is treated as an organism's "profession" in the ecological systems, in connection with Whittaker and colleagues' proposal of distinguishing between niche and habitat [12].
In recent years, ecological niche modeling (ENM) has been utilized to analyze the ecological requirements of species based on points of known occurrence and to predict the potential suitability of habitats and the distribution of the species (Warren and Seifert, 2011).
Ecological niche modeling (ENM) has been used in the study of the ecological characteristics and distribution of a variety of diseases, such as dengue fever (12), leishmaniasis (13), plague (14,15), tularemia (14,16), West Nile virus infection (17), avian influenza (18,19), filovirus infections (20,21), and monkeypox (22-24).

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