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EBB's breath imagery, then, participates in what Kate Flint has identified as Victorian women poets' resistance to the singular, patriarchal subjectivity of male authorship.
Only two studies were included in the analysis of the use of EBUS-TBNA versus TBLB + EBB for the diagnosis of Stage I and II sarcoidosis.
As long as you are not expecting a high-end dining experience, this Ebb should let you go with the flow.
Ebb and Flow broke into smithereens upon impact and pinpointing the small craters they carved was difficult, said Arizona State University researcher Mark Robinson, who operates the orbiter's camera.
Front row, from left: Hayden Breault, Izzy Boone, Jackie Loring, Liam Shanahan, Abby Ebb, Casey Lewis, Reed Heim.
Taken from the lead spacecraft Ebb's MoonKAM (Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school Students) cameras, it shows the view of Ebb flying at an altitude of 6 miles (10 km) above the Moon's northern hemisphere in the vicinity of Jackson crate.
After rocketing off the launch pad in September 2011, Ebb and Flow took a roundabout journey to the moon, arriving over the New Year's holiday on a gravity-mapping mission.
Ebb and Flow were commanded to de-orbit and impact on the surface of the Moon, somewhere near the North Pole.
ENSYTE is implementing a sophisticated, Web-based Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB) to accompany the new release of its gas management software solution, GASTAR[TM].
Glenveigh Medical recently announced that two new products have received FDA clearance: the ebb Complete Tamponade System and the jetty Vaginal Repair Balloon.
a[euro]oeNegotiations always ebb and flow and right now theya[euro](tm)re in an ebb position,a[euro] Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz told Yahooa[euro](tm)s Tech Ticker on Wednesday.
The European Union should see its installed biodiesel production capacity increase by 55 per cent this year to reach 16 million tonnes, the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) said in a statement.