easy money

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Easy money

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Cheap Money

A monetary policy in which a central bank sets low interest rates so that credit is easily attainable. This makes borrowing easy for business, which stimulates investment and expansion of operations. The immediate result of cheap money is a boost in stock prices; in the medium term, cheap money promotes economic growth. However, if cheap money remains in the economy for too long, it can lead to a situation in which there is a glut of currency or too many dollars chasing too few goods and services leading to inflation. For this reason, most central banks alternate between policies of cheap money and tight money in varying degrees to encourage growth while keeping inflation under control.
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easy money

A condition of the money supply in which the Federal Reserve permits substantial funds to accrue in the banking system, thereby cutting interest rates and facilitating the acquisition of loans. In the resultant period when borrowing is relatively easy and inexpensive, security prices may be initially stimulated. But an extended period of easy money eventually may depress security values as investors begin to fear inflation. Also called cheap money. Compare tight money.
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Easy money has fueled bubbles in everything from stocks and bonds to property in China, and it's hard to see how or when these bubbles might set off a major crisis in an opaque market where most of the borrowers and lenders are backed by the state.
As part of the shortcut culture that is speedily taking over the psyche of especially the youth in Nigeria, a research by NAN reveals that about 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 years spend about N1.8billion on sports betting daily as it provides an avenue to make it fast, beat the rat race and grab easy money. In the same light, millions of unemployed Nigerian youths follow and pledge loyalty to any gang leader who could lead them to anything, so long it would bring money.
I like easy money. He's in a category of his own and I'll give it up to him.
"He was thinking, 'Easy money, two minutes, two grand', something like that.
Emerging markets will pay a high price for the twilight of easy money.
Matthew Cobbe, defending, said his client had lost his job, adding: "He was looking to make some easy money."
In messages read to the jury at Birmingham Crown Court, Facey said: "You lot should make some money out of this lad, easy money."
Mowdiwarp It's not easy money. When you park and pay you know how long you have before you get a penalty.
The American dollar prevailed and was the only currency converted into gold after the war, throughathe Bretton Woods Agreement,awhich gave the dollar privilege and led to an easy money policy where the US simply printedathe dollar, leading to the collapse of the agreement in 1971, andathe stock market and real estate bubble in Japan in the late 1980s.
Back In The Box, Easy Money and Dynamo are the first three tracks and are all instantly catchy and stand up well to further listens.
Tre Vanner will go on as before, but within a much bigger organization and on a larger scale," says Wikstrom Nicastro, producer of hit "Easy Money" and its sequels.
I MENTIONED earlier this year that some councillors in the region like to just take the easy money. We will all see now who is prepared to stand up for the region they are supposed to be representing.