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He also will be senior editor of Earnings Quality Analytics.
Based on these quantitative signals and subsequent analyst review, Gradient issued a July 19, 2002, research report that warned clients about the "high level of accruals," "potentially low earnings quality," and a "high likelihood that .
Criterion's Earnings Quality Model was built with the help of three Wharton accounting professors and is based on a comprehensive study of more than 10 years of financial reporting data.
Donn Vickrey, a Gradient co-founder and the thought leader of Earnings Quality Analytics-- the Gradient division that published the reports on the lenders.
Gradient's other research services include its well known Earnings Quality Analytics, Equity Incentive Analytics, Quantitative Factor Suite, and project-based consulting by Gradient Consulting LLC.
Sarbanes-Oxley's impact on the credibility of financial statements is split between earnings quality will improve (47.
Clients are able to track Audit Integrity AGR scores, Earnings Quality and Financial Condition data as well as view trendlines of the trailing 12 quarters on each stock in their portfolio.
an Earnings Quality Model (EQMv2) which builds on Gradient's introduction to money managers of the first earnings quality quantitative model in 2002
However, Standard & Poor's is still wary of Gap's earnings quality, leveraged balance sheet, and above-peers valuation.
The relative valuation methodology of the model ranks companies on a daily basis based on earnings quality, management quality, underwriting quality, analyst's expectations, valuation metrics and price momentum.
Selection and weighting of the stocks differ depending on the selected strategy approach according to the company size, value, momentum and earnings quality.