electronic mail

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electronic mail (e-mail)

a form of COMMUNICATION which involves sending COMPUTER-originated messages and information across a telecommunications network. E-mail usage is expanding rapidly, partly reflected in the introduction of new facilities which provide an integrated approach to sending messages to any combination of fax, telex and electronic mail addresses. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, NETWORKING.
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Still, Cornell may re-evaluate that stance if paid e-mail becomes commonplace, and if deliverability issues with standard e-mail increase.
All messaging applications include native tools for searching the messaging servers and all e-mail archive solutions include search tools for searching the archive.
Pictures (uploads)--let parents upload pictures to be attached to an e-mail.
Changing your e-mail address is easy using e-mail commands.
To address the records management challenge e-mail presents, it has become increasingly clear that a policy framework within an organization must drive the technology solution.
The explosion of unsolicited commercial e-mail in the last few years has led to a complaint heard around the world: "I'm sick of getting so much spam
Obtain e-mail addresses of your customers from a variety of sources--registration windows on your web site, direct mail, or invitations to subscribe from your sales staff.
Digital signatures are based on S/MIME, a 9-year-old industry standard for e-mail security, which is supported in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, and Novell Groupwise.
More demands on IT for "lost" data: A recent industry study by technology researchers CNI indicated that as much as 81% of business end users are not able to retrieve e-mail data from personal archives (PST) without assistance from help-desk personnel or systems administrators.
Since Source Authentication is an e-mail server-based technology, it will often be implemented at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) level.
To elevate employee professionalism and patient care, call or e-mail ERI today