electronic mail

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electronic mail (e-mail)

a form of COMMUNICATION which involves sending COMPUTER-originated messages and information across a telecommunications network. E-mail usage is expanding rapidly, partly reflected in the introduction of new facilities which provide an integrated approach to sending messages to any combination of fax, telex and electronic mail addresses. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, NETWORKING.
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PST) files are a popular local storage location for Microsoft Exchange e-mail data.
Payment and/or quotas--parents either pay per e-mail or are limited to a certain number of emails a week.
E-mail commands are quick and powerful; they allow you to perform a series of tasks in a single message.
Federal legislators have favored an "opt-out" approach to spam, meaning that when recipients request to be removed from mass e-mail lists, marketers must delete their e-mail addresses and not send them any further messages or face fines or jail time.
Sending e-mail campaigns from your own non-dedicated servers can negatively affect individual e-mail being sent from these servers.
In 2000, 2 percent of advertising dollars was allocated to e-mail marketing.
E-mail authentication protects both end-user recipients and e-mail administrators.
Short-term E-mail Storage on Exchange Servers Ineffective
In order for spammers to distribute spam, releasing their identity to each of the recipients of their e-mail messages will be a requirement, thereby creating a serious problem for them.