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The structure of limited contact dynamic compression plate is designed to achieve compression as well as to preserve vascularity of underlying bone and surrounding soft tissue providing best conditions for bone healing.
Both cases were treated by replating using dynamic compression plate with bone grafting.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: AIM: To evaluate the results of the management of diaphyseal fractures both bones of forearm in adults by internal fixation using dynamic compression plate's vs intramedullary nails.
(8) developed dynamic compression plate which seems to satisfy the basic objectives of internal fixation, namely anatomical reduction, preservation of vascularity, mechanically stable fixation and rapid mobilization of joints in proximity.
In this study, we used a precontoured 3.5-mm clavicular dynamic compression plate (Synthes).
* This study has been carried out to compare the functional outcome of fracture fixation in diaphyseal forearm fractures by using Locking Compression Plate versus Limited contact dynamic compression Plate.
In our study, we used narrow limited contact dynamic compression plates because the Indian patients have a smaller diameter of the humerus when compared to a European population, the edges of a broad plate tending to overhang the humeral cortices.

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