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Figures showed that the number of people who were sent to hospital because of serious or slight injuries sustained at accidental dwelling fires fell by 29.
Applying the full extent of the standard would likely require significant cost and effort for little change in outdoor fresh air delivery to a dwelling.
Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes, 453 Argon Ave; New Single Family Dwelling With Attached Garage.
Under SB 146, in all zoning districts that allow single-family dwellings, municipalities must allow accessory dwelling units as a "matter of right" (no zoning approval necessary), by special exception (issued by a zoning board of adjustment) or by conditional use permit (issued by a planning board).
Rose (2012) builds upon Heidegger's work on the notion of dwelling (1962; 1971) to claim, most basically stated, that dwelling 'always already' involves marking and claiming (concepts also based on Heidegger, but more explicitly developed by Rose).
The motion court erred in finding that CastlePoint failed to establish the materiality of the misrepresentation because three family dwellings are not included among the "unacceptable exposures" listed in its underwriting guidelines.
This building boom also led to an even higher increase in the number of new dwellings that lay vacant.
Improvements to real property directly related to the dwelling units and located on the site of the dwelling units.
Research from the Welsh Assembly Government reveal that from January to March this year there were 1,816 new dwellings started.
A sharp rise in dwelling prices can be observed in the most of rapidly developing countries (Hui and Yue, 2006).
The challenge, from Munich's Student Housing Authority, was to create an economical, lightweight, transportable, low-energy dwelling prototype.