durable good

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Durable Merchandise

Consumer products designed and intended to last longer than three years. Some examples of durable merchandise, such as cars, are expensive, while others, such as forks and knives, are not. Companies that produce durable merchandise can be volatile, as their profits fluctuate according to how often their customers need more of their products. Durable merchandise is also called consumer durables or durable goods.

durable good

a CONSUMER GOOD, such as a motor car, and CAPITAL GOOD, such as a machine, that is used up over relatively long periods of time rather than immediately.


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14) This approximate growth rate was obtained by weighting the quarterly growth in real spending for each durable good by its nominal share in total durable goods spending in the previous quarter.
This indicates that non-durable good manufacturers may face the same type of time consistency or commitment problem (with buyers) as durable good manufacturers.
The new durable good D is traded in the primary market, while the used goods U are traded in the Second Hand Market (SHM).
Purchases of durable goods and investment in capital equipment declined in the fourth quarter.
Michael Biddle, CEO and president of MBA Polymers, says, "Major multinational manufacturers of durable goods are now working with MBA to recycle the plastics from their end-of-life products, and to provide them with recycled plastics for their new products.
Among other durable goods, a gain in the production of household appliances reversed a small portion of the sizable decline in July, but the output of carpeting and furniture and of miscellaneous durable goods fell.
The government said durable goods orders, a measure.
The output of durable goods materials, which had edged downward in August, increased 0.

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