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A buyer of real estate who has no interest in owning what he/she buys. That is, if a developer wishes to buy up a large amount of land without attracting attention, he/she may hire dummies to purchase (with the developer's capital) on his/her behalf. The dummies in turn re-sell (or simply give) the properties to the developer.


A straw man, as when a developer desires to purchase a number of properties in order to assemble them and build a shopping center but is afraid that owners will increase their asking prices if they know the true name of the buyer. Owners sell to the dummy, who then transfers to the developer.

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The amount of data continues to multiply because the results of a single FEA analysis of dummy ribcage intrusions, for example, could produce up to 200 output variables (forces, displacements, etc.
According to Peter Ullrich, ESI Group's crash safety and impact product manager, manufacturers use the dummy to enhance seat-frame structure so that it will absorb more energy in a crash and cut down on rebound effects.
Our results also provide some evidence that use of a dummy may reduce the impact of other risk factors for SIDS, especially those related to adverse sleep conditions.
Parents are also being advised to take the dummy out of their child's mouth when they are asleep.
Although dummy arrangements may appear harmless to the dummy at the beginning, there is no assurance it will remain as such in the future when the corporation ceases operation or gets into legal or political trouble, as what seems to be happening in Binay's case.
At the dentist when he was four, I was told in no uncertain terms his overbite wasn't going to get better unless the dummy went.
When his mouth opens, even a little, slide the dummy in, release the ear pressure and praise the dog.
Some research has shown that using a dummy at bedtime and while sleeping seems to reduce the risk of cot death.
Postern dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy
Apparently, American and Chilean researchers have discovered that sucking on a dummy past the age of three has negative consequences.
Our results also provide evidence use of a dummy may reduce the impact of other risk factors for SIDS.