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A buyer of real estate who has no interest in owning what he/she buys. That is, if a developer wishes to buy up a large amount of land without attracting attention, he/she may hire dummies to purchase (with the developer's capital) on his/her behalf. The dummies in turn re-sell (or simply give) the properties to the developer.


A straw man, as when a developer desires to purchase a number of properties in order to assemble them and build a shopping center but is afraid that owners will increase their asking prices if they know the true name of the buyer. Owners sell to the dummy, who then transfers to the developer.

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Therefore, the THOR dummies (both the computational and experimental) and the PMHS exhibited opposite X-axis displacement at anatomical locations above T10: the THOR dummy displaced forward while PMHS displaced rearward.
I like to pay special attention to the wind when training in tall grass and use wax-based scents on my dummies to encourage the dog to use his nose as well as his eyes.
But prolonged use of dummies causes all sorts of problems and speech difficulties.
The first bottles of Wines for Dummies were rolled out in New Jersey on May 1.
In addition, we need two half size dummies big enough to wear swimwear to sit on the counter top.
Anyone caught selling the dummies or bottles could face a fine of up to pounds 20,000, they said.
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However, the dummies outlived their purpose, Wednesday, when the US safety agency said it has decided to donate them to the Smithsonian museum for posterity.
Made from a variety of different materials, including custom-molded urethane and vinyl, they are based on true-to-life human dimensions (a typical "dummy family" includes several different dummies, ranging in size from a toddler to a large adult male).
PARENTS are being warned about potentially dangerous flashing dummies which could cause their tot to choke.
It shows a group of dummies that have come to life and are getting their revenge by shoving lab technicians into a test car.