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Customers have the option of connecting their devices to the portable dumb terminal through two USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports and three ports.
Remember the days of mainframes and green screen dumb terminals.
This Network Computer is the closest thing to a mainframe dumb terminal currently available.
Turning a personal computer into a dumb terminal is tricky, because the keyboards on the two kinds of devices are substantially different.
With no hard disk and minimal programs, they gave us a foot into the PC World and one back into the Dumb Terminal World at the same time.
The operator reads the bar code in the bottom of the sheet with a wand connected to a dumb terminal, logging the job into the station.
A dumb terminal in a video center can simply be disconnected, carried to the back of the store and hooked up for use in receiving direct store deliveries.
When AAFES originally replaced its classic cash registers with RPOS terminals, it chose the NCR 1255, basically a dumb terminal networked to a central in-store processor.
It used to be that point-of-care technology more or less meant a dumb terminal in the vicinity of the bedside, or an awkward wall-mounted device for recording vital signs only.
Limited tenders are invited for procurement of dumb terminal for prs at hq 9 corps