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Herbert got a large bottle of stuff for my arm, and by dint of having this stuff dropped over it all the night through, I was just able to bear its pain on the journey.
Even to the shoes he searched with painstaking care, and when the last article had been removed and scrutinized he dropped back upon the bed with dilated eyes that saw nothing in the present-- only a grim tableau of the future in which two forms swung silently from the limb of a great tree.
Kala had not once come to earth with her little adopted babe, but now Kerchak called to her to descend with the rest, and as there was no note of anger in his voice she dropped lightly from branch to branch and joined the others on their homeward march.
Abruptly something dropped from the zenith; something like a barrel or a huge football.
The stranger continued toward a public landing-stage, where she dropped into the ways and came to rest.
I dropped my letter unseen at his feet, and sauntered back to the club.
There and then, in his bewilderment, surprise, and pain, his fore feet, just skimming above the road, dropped down.
When Mapuhi dropped it into his hand he was surprised by the weight of it.
Her head dropped into its former position on my bosom, and she murmured a few words, but too faintly for me to hear them.
His deep voice dropped suddenly to a low and quiet tone as he spoke the parting words.
That he had been discovered he could not doubt since the creature even dropped to a lower altitude as though to assure itself that what it saw was a man.
A WOODCHOPPER, who had dropped his axe into a deep pool, besought Mercury to recover it for him.