Drip feed

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Drip feed

The continual investment of capital in a small and growing company as the company needs it, rather than investing a lump sum at the company's inception.

Drip Feed

1. In venture capital, the practice of making small investments in a start-up as the need for capital arises. That is, a venture capital firm may sponsor a start-up, but a drip feed protects the firm from the risk that a start-up will collapse, resulting in the loss of the whole investment. A drip feed can be useful because it allows the start-up to maintain and expand operations while not forcing too much risk on its sponsor.

2. See: Dollar-cost averaging.
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Dr Todd Fraser said: "The patient was drip-fed about three standard drinks an hour for three days.
But when he was drip-fed "my phosphate levels fell dramatically: they knew I was for real then.
Treatment is usually with a "last resort" drip-fed antibiotic, although some strains are resistant even to this.
The jury heard about how the flood of fake tips drip-fed to the authorities also saw the seizure of some unusually poor-quality heroin hauls and pounds 20,000 of property.
Stephen Thornton, for Sneddon, said he had financial difficulties, he was offered pounds 50, drip-fed information and was trying to help his friend.
Per Fischer, of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: "It beggars belief that we are still being drip-fed information and that Shell's initially 'insignificant' leak is still causing problems.
Medics drip-fed him penicillin in a bid to clear the poison and stabilise the star.
Instead of council taxpayers being drip-fed conflicting statements via the Echo, more could be made available at the council offices or in its paper.
OVER These last weeks, we were drip-fed information about the way public servants have misused their expense accounts.
Most commonly, the drugs are drip-fed alternately with saline solution directly into a vein for anything between half an hour to several hours, before the patient is given a rest of three to four weeks.