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Drawing lots was last needed at the African Nations Cup in 1988, with Algeria progressing to the knockout stage at the expense of Ivory Coast.
She specified that the draw would take place in the region where the respective public procurement deal was based, adding that the number of experts registered so far was insufficient and the authorities would strive to secure experts selected by drawing lots at least for big projects.
BIG BROTHER contestants were caught in a saucy, nude pool romp after this week's evictions were decided by drawing lots.
I'm not sure if I would want to be drawing lots for jockeys every day of the week, but other aspects of the day could be applied to more racing.
Director of the festival Mohammad al-Omar added that the event is providing purchase vouchers to martyrs' families, in addition to drawing lots on golden medals to the visitors.
Drawing lots to resolve ties is allowed by Comelec Resolution No.
Insiders say that school managements are able to offer seats to parents by giving dummy names to a small percentage of seats while allotting most seats by drawing lots. Say, a school has 250 LKG seats.
THE legislation regarding the order of candidates for the mayoral brochure (ECHO, April 6) clearly states that they must be chosen by drawing lots (ie: names out of a hat).