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Experts say individual investors shouldn't try to predict a downturn before it happens because the impact of being wrong can far exceed any benefit of forecasting correctly.
The only indicator tracked by Beaulieu that doesn't portend this downturn is the total industry capacity utilization rate.
The findings show the "heightened importance" of drinking as a risk factor for suicide among men during economic downturns, according to the researchers.
If confirmed by the final data, the 2013 GDP contraction will be limited to 5.4%, compared with the projections of the troika of international lenders for a steep downturn of 7.7% as revised during the second review.
Rieger consistently argues that the way forward depends upon religion, theology and economics spending some time in the world of downturn, reconnecting with the real needs of people, listening to the underside, to the working class and especially unions.
First, during a downturn it's important to maintain a presence in the market--and continuing marketing campaigns shows strength.
In our note Where to Hide in a Downturn: A Look in the RearaView Mirror (8 Aug 2011), we identified the stocks which tend to suffer the least in market slumps.
Meanwhile, business outlook appears to be lackluster, as the composite index of leading indicators, the barometer for economic development, declined 0.7% in September, the first downturn for the index in more than two years.
GLOOMY Vince Cable would be ideally cast as the undertaker in a ConDem production of Downturn Abbey.
Summary: Leading global solutions provider offers key products and services to help Jordan business sector accelerate out of downturn.