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A trade in a particular stock at a price lower than the trade immediately preceding it. On U.S. stock exchanges, you cannot sell a stock short on a downtick.
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Minus Tick

On an exchange, a transaction in which a security was traded at the lower price than its previous trade. Some regulations and rules on exchanges forbid certain transactions following a minus tick or a zero-minus tick, though some rules, notably as the short sale rule, have become obsolete with increased digitalization of the market. A minus tick is also called a downtick.
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A downward price movement for a security transaction compared with the preceding transaction of the same security. Also called minus tick. Compare uptick.
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When a security sells at a lower price than its previous sale price, the drop in value is called a downtick. For example, if a stock that had been trading at 25 sells at 24.99 the next time it trades, the 1 cent drop is a downtick.

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Brulhart also said the downtick in activities marked as suspicious in 2016 was not a surprise.
Growth in India and the US could not prevent a modest downtick in jewellery demand."
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Companies will increasingly rely on foreign sales to provide some relief during the downtick in Pentagon spending, Carolus said.
Hence, we are firm in our view that easing will come in the coming months and the CBR board meeting in April looks to be the most likely timing, as the first downtick in headline inflation in the March CPI report should ease the regulator's fears of deteriorating inflation expectations.
Among the few shows to downtick, two had already thrown in the towel: "The Anarchist" ($335,045) and "Scandalous" ($177,438).
Leach recently compared the health of his organization during the period from July 2011-July 2012 and found that while a competitor was down 38 percent in gross revenue, Air Charter Service had only experienced a downtick of 7 percent.