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A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn.


The stocks with the highest trading volume over a given period of time. Leadership may give an indication of future market movements. That is, a large amount of interest in certain stocks may mean that the market will continue to be interested in them. Leadership may be either good or bad for the market. For example, poor leadership may result from too much speculation, while solid leadership comes from sustainable investing practices. It is also called market leadership.


An active stock that tends to lead the general market in price movements. For example, strength and activity may have made a stock a leader in a recent upward market movement.
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One solution may be to change the downspout to a commercial type, which has twice the cross section of a residential spout.
We have responded by redesigning the downspout to make rain harvesting a much more attractive practice.
If you have a downspout that's visible from your kitchen or bedroom window, that's a great place for a rain chain," said Elber.
If your downspout makes a loud dripping noise during a rain storm, Lenney recommends installing a special plastic or aluminum chain to hang down the downspout.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The scientific principle of liquid adhesion is the secret to how the new PermaFlow(TM) Gutter Guard System channels clean rainwater into gutters and downspouts, while preventing leaves, twigs and other debris from entering and clogging the system.
Alcoa Home Exteriors, a leading manufacturer of building products, unveils its latest solution for gutter and downspout protection, Leaf Relief(TM).
To keep out debris, place a 1/4-inch-mesh screen above where the downspout connects to the gutter and clean it regularly.
Another design takes water from a downspout through a plastic pipe with holes punched in it, allowing water to seep back into the soil.
A downspout is to be added to the existing gutter and connected to the column, adjacent to the concrete slab.
If a downspout is too low, or situated where you can't conveniently put a barrel, you can reroute it by adding pipe elbows and extension pieces.
The rain chain was created as a style of downspout to guide rainwater into large pots for garden and household purposes.
The downspout at the back of the building develops a huge, thick coating of ice in winter and water pours down the back wall in summer when it rains.