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Human resources director Jean Tomlin confirmed that M&S was scrapping double-time for Sunday working.
The temporary aid from the 3,200 employees is composed of a 69-cent-an-hour cut in wages, which had averaged $11,05; elimination of two paid holidays, and a cut to double-time pay, from double-time and one-half, for working holidays.
'If we have to double-time, magdo-double-time tayo (we will double time).'
Workers claimed Bank Holidays traditionally warrant double-time payments, and accused Kraft of refusing to abide by the longestablished agreement for January 3.
This was the date on which Ladbrokes had originally planned to offer double-time payments to their betting-shop staff.
Their punchy, double-time version of the Miles Davis classic "All Blues," which the show's opener also used as its title, allowed for an amalgam of tap warm-up.
'The House of Representatives worked double-time for several months - in committee meetings, plenary session, bicameral conference meetings - to ensure that taxpayers from all legislative districts will get a fair share of the budget,' he said.
London Midland cancelled all trains except those on the Birmingham to Liverpool line last Sunday because staff refused to volunteer to work in a row over double-time pay.
We compete directly with pubs, cinemas, bowling alleys, bingo clubs etc, none of whom pay their staff double-time for Sundays.
'The DOT (Department of Tourism) should work double-time to counter any negative publicity that may result from the travel advisory,' Sen.
Now, according to the Birmingham train operator, the rail transport workers' union Aslef has agreed to an offer of double-time payments for work on holidays, with a guaranteed minimum payment of pounds 220 for its senior conductors.