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An order from a judge or jury to pay a certain amount of money. Judgments usually come after a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. For example, if a company is sued and found liable, it may receive a judgment for, say, $1 million, which it must pay to the plaintiff. Also, if one is convicted of theft, one may be ordered to repay what one has stolen. See also: Out-of-Court Settlement.
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An order of a court.

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Critique: Ably written with the clarity that makes it equally accessible to the non-specialist general reader and academia alike, "A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises" is a particularly timely and informative contribution to our on-going national discussion with respect to governmental economic policies, private capital investment trends, and our deeply divided political responses to the national debt, corporate taxation policies, and the Trump administrations tariff wars with China, Mexico, and others.
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In this essay, I would like to examine a much more elusive motif whose Germanic influence may not be immediately visible, but is present nonetheless: fate and doom. These closely related, and sometimes interchangeable, notions play a prominent role in The Silmarillion, as the myriad characters in the stories find their "fates" tied in with the larger fate of their clan or of Middle-earth in general.
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