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A place where one maintains one's primary residence for tax purposes. One proves a domicile by registering to vote, maintaining a driver's license, and/or actually living in the place. It is important to note that one usually but does not always live in the domicile. Indeed, domiciles are somewhat controversial, especially in Britain. This is because many foreign workers claim other places as their domicile in order to avoid taxes on worldwide income. For example, a resident of Britain with a house in Oklahoma may register to vote in Oklahoma and claim this as their domicile. Thus, the resident only pays taxes on income earned in the United Kingdom. Lawmakers have made various suggestions on how to close to loophole but one may still take advantage of it.


Your domicile is your permanent residence, which you demonstrate by using it as your primary home, holding a driver's license using that address, and registering to vote in that district.

Your domicile affects your state and local income taxes, state estate and inheritance taxes, and certain other tax benefits or liabilities.


The place of one's principal residence.

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The provision of the NRRA, Part II, assigns the responsibility for regulating the financial solvency of a reinsurer to the domiciliary state and generally bars other states from requiring the reinsurer to provide additional financial information.
THE Care Quality Commission registration figures for 2012 show that as at March 31, 2012, there were 6,830 agencies providing domiciliary care across England.
The firm has committed [pounds sterling]200m of capital over the last 11 years to a diverse range of service-based healthcare businesses providing: care for those with learning disabilities, mental health issues or complex needs; residential care and domiciliary care, as well as independent fostering agencies.
Margaret Barrett, head of the council's adult care services, described Margaret as a true ambassador for the Domiciliary Care Service.
The extra care and domiciliary care services will dovetail with the range of residential and nursing care provided by the Wrexham-based company, backed up by the organisation's in-house Teaching Care Centre.
This latest contract complements Castlerock's service provision already being put in place in Doncaster, and witnesses the continued growth of their Domiciliary Care, Supported Living and Home Care division.
The fact it says domiciliary care on the advert is an error and the fault of the publication.
asked 30 people to keep diaries of their experiences when workers come into the home to offer domiciliary care.
THE Dail's Technical Group will put forward a motion this week to stop cuts to the domiciliary care allowance.
A new occupation of care workers (especially if young and minimally trained) has implications for the workload of domiciliary midwives in the first instance and this needs to be addressed through involving the midwives themselves and making organisational adjustments accordingly.
All domiciliary care agencies now have to register with the Commission for Social Care Inspection.