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A place where one maintains one's primary residence for tax purposes. One proves a domicile by registering to vote, maintaining a driver's license, and/or actually living in the place. It is important to note that one usually but does not always live in the domicile. Indeed, domiciles are somewhat controversial, especially in Britain. This is because many foreign workers claim other places as their domicile in order to avoid taxes on worldwide income. For example, a resident of Britain with a house in Oklahoma may register to vote in Oklahoma and claim this as their domicile. Thus, the resident only pays taxes on income earned in the United Kingdom. Lawmakers have made various suggestions on how to close to loophole but one may still take advantage of it.
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Your domicile is your permanent residence, which you demonstrate by using it as your primary home, holding a driver's license using that address, and registering to vote in that district.

Your domicile affects your state and local income taxes, state estate and inheritance taxes, and certain other tax benefits or liabilities.

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The place of one's principal residence.

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(20) If the individual is domiciled in Florida before January 1 of a given year and owns Florida residential property, he or she is entitled to a $50,000 reduction in the assessed value of such property for property tax purposes.
The suit with number FHC/ABJ/CS/667/13 also seek: ''An order directing the garnishee banks to appear before this honourable court and show cause why an order absolute should not be made against them to pay the judgment creditor/applicant in their various accounts domiciled with them sufficient to satisfy the judgment delivered on the 13th January, 2014.'
He said the policy has been formulated in the public interest and its rationale is to enable the Balochistan domiciled officers to serve in their home province so as to minimize the deficiency of PAS/PSP officers in Government of Balochistan.
The 15 year rule will also mean that anyone who lives in the UK from birth will automatically be treated as UK domiciled before he or she becomes an adult.
If surviving family members need to start a probate court proceeding, it must begin in the state where the client was domiciled at the time of his or her death.
The trial court found the taxpayer was domiciled in New Jersey, basing its holding on the premise that when a taxpayer has more than one residence, he may choose his domicile.
Each type of domicile has its own complex rules but essentially you can only be domiciled in one country at any one time, this is unlike residence which allows you to be resident in more than one country at the same time.
domiciled there, but a servicemember or spouse may not qualify for a
Estate and gift tax domicile in the United States is not necessarily the same as income tax residency, so it is possible to acquire income tax residence without becoming domiciled in the United States for estate and gift tax purposes.
Gifts of intangible property are not subject to gift tax if the donor is not a citizen or domiciled in the United States, and under a special rule U.S.
The law applicable to the contractual legal regime of matrimonial property spouses may choose the law of the state in which they are both domiciled, or will be domiciled, in the future, or the law of the state in which the marriage was solemnized, or the law of the state of which one of the spouses is a citizen of.
'Our number one ranking for combined domiciled and non-domiciled funds is indicative of our commitment to delivering excellent service and support to our clients as they continue to demand transparency, greater control and more robust governance frameworks for their alternative investments,' said Mark Mannion, head of relationship management EMEA for BNY Mellon Alternative Investment Services.