Domestic market

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Domestic market

A nation's internal market representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities domiciled within that nation. Compare external market and foreign market.
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Domestic Market

The supply and demand for a good, service, or security in a particular country. Many companies cater to the domestic market because they know applicable laws and regulations the best. There also may be a unique demand for a certain product in the domestic market. For example, an American flag supplier will likely sell more flags in the United States than in Canada. The size of the domestic market is calculated in the gross domestic product.
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Afridi said: If we are able to develop these domestic markets, we will be able to develop brand names for high margin exports.
To tap the domestic market, the Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters (FRHE) for the first time organised a three-day handicraft fair in Birla Auditorium of Jaipur to provide a platform to sellers and buyers of handicraft.
That provides the basis for his own agenda for prosperity: To keep domestic market demand growing, we need ongoing budget deficits to finance public investment, a higher minimum wage, expanded job programs, pensions and healthcare for all workers, more income support and training for the unemployed and so on, and on.
equity markets over the past eight years has many investors hesitant to leave the domestic market, hoping there is still more to come.
"Development must be reoriented around the domestic market as the main stimulus of development," Walden Bello, co-author of Dragons in Distress: Asia's Miracle Economies in Crisis, wrote in the January 12 issue of The Nation.
"The recession has occurred only in the domestic market," he said.
The appointment shows the bank's greater emphasis on taking advantage of the high net worth segment in its domestic market of Abu Dhabi.
Indeed, those EAF companies that weathered the 1998-2001 period are poised to capture an increasing share of the domestic market at a time when the domestic market is heating up.

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