Domestic market

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Domestic market

A nation's internal market representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities domiciled within that nation. Compare external market and foreign market.

Domestic Market

The supply and demand for a good, service, or security in a particular country. Many companies cater to the domestic market because they know applicable laws and regulations the best. There also may be a unique demand for a certain product in the domestic market. For example, an American flag supplier will likely sell more flags in the United States than in Canada. The size of the domestic market is calculated in the gross domestic product.
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He said that a fresh and progressive SME Policy was need of the hour to equip the SME sector with new technology, innovation and e-services for developing brand-based trade and industry in the domestic market.
This time because of the economic slowdown, we are attracted to domestic market and exploring it.
Increases in the allowance for doubtful accounts as a result of changes in collection experience from the impact of negative publicity affecting the company in international and domestic markets.
Passenger unit revenue weakness has already forced American to reduce scheduled capacity in domestic markets by 4% in the first quarter of 2005.
The Chinese operations are also completing the certification process to manufacture and sell disposable and woven medical garments not only for the Chinese domestic market, but also the U.
WATEC will focus on developing joint ventures with food manufacturers to produce products for domestic markets and to export to the United States and throughout the rest of the world.
Across the board, the barriers to successful structured finance in the domestic markets of Latin America seem to be coming down and new sources of demand, such as private pension funds, are beginning to fuel an advance, according to a new report published today by Fitch Ratings.
In addition, I am pleased to report that revenues in our domestic markets experienced double-digit growth during the first half of the year.
The result of an intense joint effort of Standard & Poor's and EA-Ratings analysts over many months, the Russia National Scale's introduction is particularly timely in view of the rapid growth of Russia's domestic markets.
While the company faces significant interest rate risk inherent in the domestic markets, it aggressively mitigates these risks by regularly analyzing its investment portfolio and performing asset/liability management evaluations designed to match the expected maturity of its investment portfolio with the timing of its insurance liabilities.
Six Flags Theme Parks in 15 domestic markets is featuring the "Cats & Dogs" trailer and special vignette in all queue lines.

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