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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.
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1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the Dominican Republic. This is the code used in international transactions to and from DR bank accounts.

2. ISO 3166-2 geocode for the Dominican Republic. This is used as an international standard for shipping to the DR. Each DR province has its own code with the prefix "DO." For example, the code for the Province of Hato Mayor is ISO 3166-2:DO-30.
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ENGLAND'S stars are doing battle for their World Cup lives and need your support more than ever as they prepare to take on Poland.
On a recent warm, humid afternoon, he and his brother Demetrius, 10, are holed up in the family's apartment doing battle in a Nintendo video game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater," in which players maneuver a skateboarder through a series of daredevil stunts.
I spent a year, as president of the Assisted Living Federation of America, doing battle with consumer colleagues on the Assisted Living Workgroup, established by the Senate's Special Committee on Aging.
The season's most scrumptious book may not be the gayest, but this tale of six Latina girlfriends doing battle with tough careers and sexy men in and around Boston will wreck your stereotypes and hook you in the process.
Whereas once there was neo-geo, neo-expressionism, or whatever else doing battle, the only thing antagonistic to painting now is everything outside it, if the curators who do Documenta or the Venice Biennale are any kind of gauge.
After doing battle with Galileo in the 17th century, the church worked out a rough line of demarcation: Science would tackle the material world, while religion would take responsibility for matters moral and spiritual.
A military history buff, he sees some similarities between doing business and doing battle. "I'm always very careful to take care of the customer and make sure that the troops are fed," Pyott explains.
Series pits a team of over-the-top, WWF-style bounty hunters against contestant "prey," with the two sides doing battle on an expansive outdoor terrain in Hawaii.
In the chaos following the Titan's collision with the ice, Rowland finds himself on an iceberg doing battle with a polar bear.
Fever (a body temperature above 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit) signifies you are doing battle with an infection.
Openly or covertly, all such (individualist and idealist) readings were doing battle with the Marxist doctrine that modern science was not just a feat of thought but rather socio-economically necessary: science had arisen to solve the technological bottlenecks produced by early modern capitalism.