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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.


1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the Dominican Republic. This is the code used in international transactions to and from DR bank accounts.

2. ISO 3166-2 geocode for the Dominican Republic. This is used as an international standard for shipping to the DR. Each DR province has its own code with the prefix "DO." For example, the code for the Province of Hato Mayor is ISO 3166-2:DO-30.
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He is better known for doing battle on the airwaves - wreaking havoc, fighting for justice, yelling, screaming, laughing and swearing.
At the time of this entry in his personal journal, he had just finished doing battle with an infestation of giant cockroaches which may or may not have been mechanical probes from an alien (read: superior) civilization.
This, according to Summers, was one of the main reasons for the dismal record Hoover compiled in doing battle with la Cosa Nostra.
The story of the post-1954 South--and, for that matter, of the rest of the nation--is that of men and women of good intentions doing battle with their fears and habits.
And he's looking forward to doing battle in the charts as he and his football anthem go head to head with Gary, 43.
TUSSLE: Action from the West Cheshire League Division Two and (inset) doing battle in the Houlihans Birkenhead Sunday League
All three heats look special but the third one could be superb with the likes of Leeview Jet, Tullymurry Act Thurlesbeg Joker and De Ex Factor doing battle.
DOING BATTLE Former Magpie John Anderson, BBC presenter Simon Pryde and Sunderland's Marco Gabbiadini
O'Sullivan and Higgins will meet in the semis tomorrow, with Stephen Maguire and Ding Junhui doing battle in the first semi later today.
This year's Ashes have been closely contested - aside from Headingley - but this time it's been two well-matched mediocre teams doing battle rather than two evenly-matched excellent sides.
The ties get under way at 11am with the Under-9s clash between Chetwynd Squirrels and Ambleside Hornets while the under-10s kick off at 12noon with the two St Nicolas sides - Colts and Saints - doing battle.
PAUL INCE is looking forward to doing battle with the man he rates as the best manager in history today.