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In the BCG growth share matrix, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require minimal cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate with little or no profit. These companies usually exist in mature industries with well established but not very profitable markets, products, or brands. Some analysts recommend selling dogs, as they have little potential for growth; however, because they require little capital to operate, they may be useful and may perhaps produce an earnings surprise. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.


Slang for an undesirable property.

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The three markets these newsletters went to were not computer-oriented or high tech, but neither were they at the dog-catcher level.
The president remains deeply unpopular, and I think we're seeing that expressed in races from governor to dog-catcher," Henson said.
She is a lovely but clumsy hairdresser and he is a dim dog-catcher.
If they have that much trouble filling the biggest job in the country imagine what it's like when they get down to electing the town dog-catcher or the school crossing lollipop man.
He was a loser in love four years ago after gallantly putting up in his own home former town clerk Robin Munday when his wife had run off with a local dog-catcher.