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In the BCG growth share matrix, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require minimal cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate with little or no profit. These companies usually exist in mature industries with well established but not very profitable markets, products, or brands. Some analysts recommend selling dogs, as they have little potential for growth; however, because they require little capital to operate, they may be useful and may perhaps produce an earnings surprise. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.


Slang for an undesirable property.

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com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide dog owners with an aesthetically pleasing and functional accessory for their pet, the King Specialty Dog Collar, has been developed by Michael King of Pace, Florida.
AbCRre ce "Wearing a dog collar doesn't make you a saint," do m Rachel insists when Laurel confronts her in the pub.
While the wife in the couple had refused since she was turned off by the religious milieu and because she was no attracted to the vicar, her hubby claimed Teresa had offered to wear a dog collar to have sex with him.
The Victorian precursor to the diamond-studded dog collars of today perhaps, it sold for pounds 400.
So we go from the tragedy of burning monks to the farce of a destroyed dog collar.
As for the red PVC suit and dog collar, I haven't seen that kind of attire advertised in many golf equipment magazines.
After his Sunday service at Warrington hospital and still wearing his dog collar, he stepped from the edge of the bridge and abseiled 80 feet.
ATRY the dog collar which releases a squirt of citronella spray in front of the dog's nose when it barks.
The Adventure Dog collar contains a bowl that folds away like an accordion.
MICKEY Rourke has taken to wearing a dog collar - a necklace with a photo of his much missed pet pooch, that is.
You may want to slip off the dog collar before you see him.
If you're visiting someone or going to an old people's home, wear your dog collar.