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Clr Peter McBride has described the government's devolution deal as a dog's breakfast but it looks like is could end up being a dog's dinner as well.
CORRIE: Left Betty's secret hotpot recipe, Sean cooks his first batch on Monday (right) and honestly declares it's "vile, tastes like a dog's breakfast".
They got the QPR part of the forecast right in a big way but look what a dog's breakfast the Strachan era turned out to be.
That, along with other aspects of Cognito's disciplinary procedures were described by John's barrister Antoine Tinnion as 'a Dog's breakfast' and 'shambolic'.
And that, statistically, is what you call a dog's breakfast.
"She just got up and ate my other dog's breakfast," the Daily Tetelgraph quoted Abbey as having told the Metro newspaper.
SOMETIMES I start this column confidently with a great idea and end up with a dog's breakfast. Other times, bar the trimming and tweaking, it all but writes itself - for instance, the recent mini-biography of Thomas Telford good as tripped off the keyboard.
"The plans are a real dog's breakfast. The road is already busy because of works traffic for the new school.
And taking on board what a total dog's breakfast this new law promises to be.
The dog's breakfast that is now Network Rail has 113 members whose job it is to hold the company to account in the same way as shareholders.
WHAT a dog's breakfast the forthcoming postal vote promises to be.
Walsh stated the result was due to his including some tea in his dog's breakfast.