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American Standard Code for Information Exchange. A code that represents as a binary number each of the 128 letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters used in English. This was developed in the 1960s for telegraphs and is used in computing.
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ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

a system for coding individual numbers, letters and punctuation marks which is widely used in COMPUTERS.
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The ''Global and Chinese Document Scanner Industry, 2016 Market Research Report'' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Document Scanner Market with a focus on the Chinese market.
According to market studies, only 10% of companies are using up-to-date document scanners in their business operations.
Good document scanners are more affordable than ever before.
The new KODAK Scan Station 500 features robust security functions for monitoring user operation and controlling file distribution, dedicated document scanner with the convenience of a multifunction device with a large eight inch touch screen and a new user interface to improve ease of use.
For example, Kofax says, an organization may find that due to an increase in document volume, it makes more sense to use a dedicated document scanner rather than an MFP for scanning.
The pioneer in offering batch photo scanning from a document scanner is Mitch Goldstone of 30 Minute Photos Etc., Irvine, Calif.
A "Connector" is the link between an ecopy-enabled scanning device (a document scanner or Canon digital copier) and a networked software application or service.
Photographer and author Dave Johnson teaches the reader about composition, exposure, flash and lighting, as well as converting your camera into a document scanner, image editor and more.
Moreover, although the FBI provides the image-processing software used to process fingerprint images, agencies must integrate this free software into their state and local systems and may have to purchase commercial, off-the-shelf software to support the image-processing software and the equipment (e.g., laser printer, document scanner, single-fingerprint scanner, and digital camera) needed to cap ture and display the fingerprint images.
Place a form or document into a document scanner connected to a computer workstation.
The new 2000D FB which is due to ship at the end of June is the latest addition to the Bell & Howell flatbed document scanner range.
The first step in using ArtCAM is to enter the 2-D artwork into the computer using a standard document scanner connected either directly to the ArtCAM workstation or to a PC.

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