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American Standard Code for Information Exchange. A code that represents as a binary number each of the 128 letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters used in English. This was developed in the 1960s for telegraphs and is used in computing.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

a system for coding individual numbers, letters and punctuation marks which is widely used in COMPUTERS.
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To meet changing customer demands and evolve with new workplace trends, the imageFORMULA series offers networked document scanners that do not require PCs to operate, as well as solutions that enable users to operate by pressing a single button and models that offer compatibility with a wide variety of devices and operating systems.
Introduction of Document Scanner Industry: Along with Brief Introduction of Document Scanner Industry it includes Development of Document Scanner Industry and Status of Document Scanner Industry.
The KV-S1046C high-speed document scanner is available immediately through authorized Panasonic resellers starting at $1,295 MSRP (KV-S1046C-V starts at $1,425 MSRP), and it comes with a Three-Year Advance Exchange Warranty.
According to Raimund Wasner, Managing Director of the Rheinner Group, a leader in document systems education and consulting services, "the KV-S1025C is such a radical departure from the norm in document scanner design that it is a literal breakthrough.
BOWE BELL + HOWELL document scanners include: Spectrum XF Scanners that feature BOWE BELL + HOWELL camera technology and high scanning speed; Truper Scanners that offer high scanning speed and high daily throughput in a compact design; wide format Infinity WF Scanners that capture oversized documents, up to 48" in width; and Sidekick Scanners that provide professional level document capture for small offices.
Genus will be the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Inotec range of production document scanners.
Cranel Imaging's portfolio includes a full range of industry specific software applications, document scanners, imaging processing equipment and online storage.
Contract award: delivery of desktop workstations, laptops, monitors, document scanners, printers and multifunction devices in four lots:
In business since 1986, Plustek delivers a wide range of document scanners meeting diverse decentralized and distributed capture needs for different applications and vertical industries.
Contract notice: Supply of desktop computer systems, laptops, monitors, document scanners, printers and all four lots:
The whole document imaging world in one village: at CeBIT 2014 Open a new window in Hannover, Germany, Fujitsu subsidiary PFU Imaging Solutions, the European market leader in document scanners, will open its Imaging Village.

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