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American Standard Code for Information Exchange. A code that represents as a binary number each of the 128 letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters used in English. This was developed in the 1960s for telegraphs and is used in computing.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

a system for coding individual numbers, letters and punctuation marks which is widely used in COMPUTERS.
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The KV-S1046C high-speed document scanner is available immediately through authorized Panasonic resellers starting at $1,295 MSRP (KV-S1046C-V starts at $1,425 MSRP), and it comes with a Three-Year Advance Exchange Warranty.
Plustek PL3000 is a color Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) flatbed document scanner.
Plustek Inc, in business since 1986, delivers a wide range of document scanners meeting diverse decentralized and distributed capture needs.
Epson is dedicated to increasing productivity and efficiency with its business products, and the WorkForce DS-30 provides on-the-go professionals with a scanning solution that is flexible and robust," said Mark Pickard, product manager, Document Scanners, Epson.
a leading provider of exceptional performing business imaging solutions, has partnered with NewWave Technologies to distribute the complete line of Epson document scanner models, ranging from the portable Epson WorkForceDS-30 to the very high performance Epson WorkForce DS-860 desktop scanner.
Epson is thrilled to team with NewWave to bring our full document scanner line-up to their most discriminating customers," said Mark Pickard, senior product manager, Document Scanners, Epson America, Inc.
As the latest in a continuing line of Copiscan II document scanners aimed at specific paper-intensive industries, the Health Insurance Documents Scanner is backed by a reputation for around-the-clock reliability.
Featuring the PaperStream software, the fi Series document scanners will boost both efficiency and quality in the scanning of documents", adds Klaus Schulz, Manager of Product Marketing for EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions.
4: delivery of document scanners for the needs of the "income and administration of local taxes and fees" in the capital municipality.
Delivery of 37 pieces document scanners for the needs of Sofia Municipality.
The whole document imaging world in one village: at CeBIT 2014 Open a new window in Hannover, Germany, Fujitsu subsidiary PFU Imaging Solutions, the European market leader in document scanners, will open its Imaging Village.
lot 3: supply of document scanners for the needs of sofia municipality;

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