dividend requirement

Dividend requirement

The annual earnings minimum required for payment of dividends on a preferred stock.

Dividend Requirement

The earnings of a publicly-traded company that the company has contractually obliged itself to pay out as dividends for preferred stockholders. Most of the time, when a company issues preferred stock, it guarantees buyers a certain dividend. This can be beneficial as it may attract buyers, but at the same time the dividend requirement can put a financial strain on the company. See also: Payout Rate, Plowback Rate.

dividend requirement

Total annual preferred dividends to be paid by a company.
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The SSS was also looking to adopt a dividend requirement for foreign equity that would match the dividend payment scheme of domestic equities, Dooc added.
The company is therefore proposing that it changes its monthly contributions from PS30,000 to PS10,000, and that both the 65% of profit requirement and the 30p dividend requirement be removed.
However, there may be future negative rating actions if there is a decline in AMEX Assurance s premium writings caused by a global economic downturn or terrorist event, which results in a sustained reversal in operating profitability and/or an increased dividend requirement from American Express that results in a material decline in its capitalization.
The new rule requires attorneys and law firms to maintain their IOTA account only at eligible banks, savings and loan associations or investment companies which comply with the interest or dividend requirement of the new rule.
6 million, before a small charge for a dividend requirement in the 1997 quarter.
12) The Tax Court distinguished the preferential dividend requirement in Erie Lighting on the grounds that the ELC board was not required to pay a dividend; rather, the ELC board was required to pay dividends first to the preferred stock if and when the ELC board determined to pay dividends at all.
Additionally, the lack of outright control and shareholders limited dividend requirements have alleviated the pressure on ASNIC.
The firm said that it earnings before deducting provisions for loan and real estate losses, real estate expenses, income taxes and preferred dividend requirements have increased to USD6.
The revision stems from the company's sustained annual capital growth thanks to its consistently profitable operating results and the absence of dividend requirements by the parent, Southwest Business Corp (SWBC), the service specified.
Alternatively, if dividends are increasing constantly, the total dividends declared in the current year should be employed as a more up-to-date measure of prospective cash dividend requirements.