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These thematic descriptions can be utilized to understand value differences across cultures, cultural convergency and divergency, development of structure, negotiations, and numerous other dimensions of organizational processes.
In an effort to reduce this divergency, it may be advantageous to compare the types of methodology utilized and the amount of instruction received in the public and non-public secondary classroom.
His lucid analysis of the parallelism and divergency of worldly and Christian love make this book a great classic in the subject and a fine place to begin reading Kierkegaard if one has not had the pleasure of his acquaintance.
Collier said the government had sought to destroy "the culture, the spiritual life and civilization of the Indians" and to keep Indian people from "acting in groups and joining in the making of policies affecting the common life." He criticized the Office of Indian Affairs for "autocratic control" and maintaining "uniform routine regardless of the immense divergency among Indian tribes."(55)
When the futurists studied express their worries and concerns, they disclose a marked divergency in their views.
To this day, great divergency exits in informatics curricula.
Issues for Gifted Adults," summarizes these traits as divergency (unusual and strikingly creative thinking), excitability (along with the ability to stay focused on a task for an exceptional length of time), sensitivity (coupled with a powerful sense of justice), perceptivity (including the ability to see situations in multiple layers), and entelechy, a goal-directed inner strength so powerful that it attracts others to your flame.
Divergency of (58) for [y.sub.0] = 1 can be described by Bozza formalism as follows.