distribution resource planning

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distribution resource planning (DRP)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates a firm's PRODUCTION SCHEDULES, product DISTRIBUTION system and customers' orders, in order both to minimize stockholding costs and to improve customer service by reducing delivery times. See STOCKHOLDING MODEL, DELIVERY DATE, PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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This program, using an order-creation system called distribution resource planning (DRP), places Giant, as opposed to its suppliers, in control of the ordering process.
It's called DRP (distribution resource planning), and it has the potential to balance demand and supply in a way that benefits all of the supply chain partners.
Distribution resource planning is a fully automated process that ensures the timely and accurate replenishment of warehouse inventories, and prevents costly inventory stock outs and stock overages.
However, there is very good coverage of benchmarking, customer service, demand forecasting, distribution resource planning (DRP), environmental issues, financial aspects of logistics, human resources management, international logistics, marketing channels, third-party logistics, and total quality management (TQM).
But as distribution resource planning tools and techniques emerge, trading partners can now coordinate their supply chain as if only one company were managing it--effectively connecting the consumer to the factory.

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