distribution resource planning

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distribution resource planning (DRP)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates a firm's PRODUCTION SCHEDULES, product DISTRIBUTION system and customers' orders, in order both to minimize stockholding costs and to improve customer service by reducing delivery times. See STOCKHOLDING MODEL, DELIVERY DATE, PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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The data can be fed into forecasting and Distribution Resource Planning software, such as the one being tested by LogiCNet, a division of IRI.
Secondly, recent technical breakthroughs have made possible the deployment of reliable and economically scalable store-level distribution resource planning (DRP) capabilities for retailers.
the distribution resource planning efforts at the manufacturer to consumer demand.
Techniques such as electronic data interchange (EDI), distribution resource planning (DRP), and expert systems will be applied.
Prior to Campbell Soup, Mastroianni spent 14 years at another consumer products giant, Nabisco, where he led a $10 million transformation of supply chain systems, including shop floor, accounting, purchasing, finite scheduling, capacity planning, Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and network cost optimization modeling.
His latest book - DRP: Distribution Resource Planning, Distribution Management's Most Powerful Tool, published by Oliver Wight Companies - describes how DRP can be used effectively for the rest of the logistics channel - specifically, tying in wholesalers and retailers.
He created a Digital Assets Library to collect and house marketing, customer, and product information across his entire company, and developed and implemented a global distribution resource planning system to ship cell phone orders within three hours of receipt.
The use of distribution resource planning (DRP) software has nearly doubled in the last two years.
We were able to introduce our localized version of the ForecastX Wizard to our international clients during our recent user conference and they loved its improved ease of use, along with the ability to forecast intermittent demand, and distribution resource planning capability.

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