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The aim of this section was to introduce a new double Weibull distribution with shape (b) and scale parameter (c).
1.382-10(a) (1) applies to distributions from qualified trusts under Sec.
Towards a kala azar risk map for Sudan: mapping the potential distribution of Phlebotomus orientalis using digital data of environmental variables.
Major financial services companies and charities are expected to make it easy to complete a QCD--donors or their advisers simply contact the IRA's custodian to arrange for the distribution. An added bonus is that a QCD made by Dec.
The Medium Shipper recipients were the Defense Distribution Depot, Barstow, Calif.
- Toho, which together with NTT West, conducted an earlier joint trial for digital distribution of the movie "Spirited Away" (produced by Studio Ghibli, distributed by Toho) in 2001, will provide movie theaters, manage theatrical entertainment content and operate the D-Cinema screening system used in this year-long field trial starting in October 2005.
* End-to-End (E2E) Process -- establishes a framework for developing the optimal distribution processes to support the rapid, effective, and efficient projection of resourced requirements.
The lead time until product delivery is also important, as any time not needed for manufacturing or distribution can be used to revisit the sourcing decision to ensure the overall best location is selected.
Chan, Cohen, and Whitten [31] tabulated F(x) of the standardized inverse Gaussian distribution with E(X) = 0 and V(X) = 1 for various values of the standardized third moment about the mean [[alpha].sub.3] = [square root of ([[beta].sub.1])].
For example, participants would be eligible to receive a distribution from their nonqualified deferred compensation plan only if they separated from service from all of the entities in their former employer's controlled group.
Japanese precedents are less clear about whether a supplier has an unimpeded right to refuse to renew a distribution agreement.

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