disposable income

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Disposable income

The amount of personal income an individual has after taxes and government fees, which can be spent on necessities, or non-essentials, or be saved.
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Disposable Income

A person's income after he/she has paid taxes. Disposable income determines what sort of lodging one can afford, how often one can go out to eat, how much one can save, etc. A negative disposable income indicates that an individual is borrowing in order to cover his/her expenses. A country's average disposable income is an important indicator of economic health.
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disposable income

Aftertax income, calculated quarterly, that consumers have available for spending or saving. Economists view changes in disposable income as an important indicator of the present and future health of the economy. See also personal income.
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disposable income

the amount of INCOME which a person has available after paying INCOME TAX, NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS and PENSION contributions. The amount of a person's disposable income has an important effect on the ability to buy products.
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disposable income

the amount of current income available to HOUSEHOLDS after payment of personal INCOME TAXES and NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS.

Disposable income may be reduced further where households enter into long-term contractual payments such as PENSION contributions and MORTGAGE payments. Disposable income is an important determinant of the level of CONSUMPTION expenditure and SAVING in the economy. See CONSUMPTION SCHEDULE, SAVINGS SCHEDULE.

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This means if the indebted households had spent 163,000 won on repaying debt out of their disposable income of 1 million won in 2012, they spent 232,000 won for the same purpose last year, the BOK analysis said.
Experts from accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young said the resurgence in the engineering and advanced manufacturing output of the Midlands had driven the growth in Birmingham's disposable income. Economic growth in Birmingham has outpaced most other cities in recent years, on the back of Jaguar Land Rover and investment ahead of HS2.
The researchers note that Wales was the part of the UK where there was the least variation in disposable income between the richest and poorest areas.
"The decline in real household disposable income in the final quarter of 2010 will almost certainly continue in the first quarter of 2011, as high consumer price inflation - now over double the Bank of England's target - erodes household spending power.
While disposable income has risen as a whole in Wales over the past two decades, the rate of growth has been much slower than elsewhere.
7 How much more disposable income the richest 20% of the UK has had compared to the poorest 20%, over time 6
Prioritise Once you've factored in any extra money you can bring in and savings you can make, if your disposable income is enough to start clearing your debts, then it's easy - you'll be able to start paying everything off.
UK HOUSEHOLDS remain concerned about their economic outlook, disposable incomes and debt levels, according to survey data out today.
The high disposable income in the US leads to high affordability of the technologicaly advanced skin vare devices in the country.
The study also displayed the lower 20 percent income bracket's disposable income was 1.25 million won, also down 2.5 percent from the same period last year.
The CSO said: "Dublin continues to remain the only region with higher per capita disposable income than the State average during the entire 2007-2016 period while the Midland, Border and West regions continue to earn significantly less than the State average."

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