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In turn, the disk begets small bodies called planetesimals, which can later cluster together through gravitational attraction and eventually grow into comets, asteroids, or planets.
Keynote dinner titled Disk -- the Past, the Present and the Future to be presented by Fred Moore, Futurist and Founder Horison Information Strategies.
The idea is to take a SATA RAID system, load a file system onto it, connect it to the backup server, and then use either proprietary or backup software applications from leading vendors, depending on which product is implemented, to back up data to the RAID disk target instead of traditional tape.
Boss had been using computer simulations to study the transport of angular momentum, or rotational motion, and mass in the sun's protoplanetary disk.
Disk caches improve the data transfer rate, or the rate at which data from the hard disk are routed into the processor.
Deciding whether to use tape or disk for transporting backed up data is really an exercise in balancing risks.
To explain the discrepancy, the two scientists suggested that the galaxy's disk has a second part--a thicker, diffuse one extending about 3,000 light-years above and below the familiar flat disk.
Reference databases are now distributed routinely on optical disk.
As far as cost is concerned, SAS specifications allow users the flexibility to create a large-scale disk array by using SAS or SATA hard disks at comparatively lower cost.
At the January meeting, two groups presented new infrared observations of Beta Pictoris' debris disk.