disguised unemployment

disguised (concealed) unemployment

a form of UNEMPLOYMENT in which people able and willing to work do not register as unemployed and seeking work, which results in their absence from the official unemployment figures. Unless there are clear incentives for people to register as unemployed (by, for example, linking registration with entitlement to unemployment payments) then the official unemployment figure may considerably understate the actual level of unemployment. See POVERTY TRAP.
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Compound this with the issue of disguised unemployment where the estimated ratio nearly touches 8:1 in the family tilled small rural land holdings and the problem of real unemployment reaches even more serious proportions.
And then there is the problem of what might be called 'disguised unemployment'.
The fault with almost all sectors of our economy is that they are not efficient and their marginal productivity of labour is zero or negative a kind of disguised unemployment.
Taking into consideration the predominance of informal economy, endeavour has to be made a method-mix of capital and labour intensive technology to deal with the problems of unemployment, underemployment and disguised unemployment egregiously prevalent in the Indian economy.
Finally, labor statisticians officially acknowledged the need of introducing a new concept of "invisible underemployment" (or "disguised unemployment").
The "official" unemployment rate in the US, at 4.9%, masks much higher levels of disguised unemployment, which, at the very least, are holding down wages.
The "official" unemployment rate in the United States, at 4.9 per cent, masks much higher levels of disguised unemployment, which, at the very least, are holding down wages.
Every procedure aimed at achieving whatever administrative goal is divided into an infinite series of steps, each requiring the assistance of a different civil servant, every interval vulnerable to interruption and susceptible to "prompts." One commentator has called working for the government "disguised unemployment."
He added that the three-day forum will discuss: housing, disguised unemployment and engineers rights.
If the ambition is to grow at nine to 10 per cent, and agriculture is growing at three per cent, there's a lot of disguised unemployment. The only way for India to move forward is to take disguised employment out of agriculture and create employment in manufacturing sectors.
Many Bahrain policy-makers focus on unemployment and ignore 'disguised unemployment' which is more dangerous than the former one.