disguised unemployment

disguised (concealed) unemployment

a form of UNEMPLOYMENT in which people able and willing to work do not register as unemployed and seeking work, which results in their absence from the official unemployment figures. Unless there are clear incentives for people to register as unemployed (by, for example, linking registration with entitlement to unemployment payments) then the official unemployment figure may considerably understate the actual level of unemployment. See POVERTY TRAP.
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9%, masks much higher levels of disguised unemployment, which, at the very least, are holding down wages.
9 per cent, masks much higher levels of disguised unemployment, which, at the very least, are holding down wages.
He added that the three-day forum will discuss: housing, disguised unemployment and engineers rights.
If the ambition is to grow at nine to 10 per cent, and agriculture is growing at three per cent, there's a lot of disguised unemployment.
Disguised unemployment exists mainly in developing countries where part of the labour force is either left without work or is working in a redundant manner, where worker productivity is fundamentally zero.
It also has to look into bank advisory bodies, currently undergoing a state of disguised unemployment, bank regulatory bodies, strengthening governance systems, stanch decline in the usage of advanced technology, and intensifying training programs for technical cadres.
In the meantime, the number of educated and qualified youths seeking adequate job opportunities increased, although the government offered aid to the unemployed and provided jobs which constituted - in certain cases - disguised unemployment.
Public enterprises were known for disguised unemployment (excess manpower).
Government should solve this issue by encouraging people to work in the private sector and have serious plans for reducing disguised unemployment in the government institutions.
A lot of this fat across Government departments and Railways and other PSUs is what Keynes used to describe as-- disguised unemployment.
None of us want to hide the fact that we are suffering a lot from disguised unemployment represented by foreign workers who come over to the Kingdom.
Akhtar and Lubna (2005) found that youth unemployment appears to be an urban phenomenon as compared to rural areas due to disguised unemployment in rural areas of Pakistan.