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Some DVD movies have taken advantage of double-sided discs by putting a version formatted for a normal TV or monitor with a 4:3 aspect ratio on one side and a widescreen version formatted for 16:9 aspect ratio on the other.
High stiffness of PCHE (325,000 psi flexural modulus) will enable discs to withstand faster acceleration and deceleration spin rates on next-generation disc players, Dow claims.
The companies license their databases and provide updated discs semiannually, quarterly or even monthly.
We started the company with both the commercial and consumer markets in mind, knowing the growing reliance on discs as a commoditized tool for business and entertainment," said Dan Diotte, optical media expert and the founder of VenMill Industries.
The DVD-RW (referred to as 'RW') format was introduced last year featuring the ability to read and write rewritable RW media as well as popular DVD-R discs.
About 11 replicators are in stages of DVD start-up, though only three of them are actually sending discs to market.
DASCOR is a wonderful addition to the treatment arsenal for degenerative disc disease, as it allows us to treat people much earlier in the degenerative cascade and in a minimally invasive way.
This new layout allows DVD-RAM discs to function optimally in both computer and video environments.
Materials and equipment suppliers are not sitting still, but rather are actively developing new products for making next-generation discs.
Because the DURABIS 2 coating technology rapidly discharges static electricity, the discs also resist the accumulation of dust.
Only a few molding machines can handle tooling to mold two discs at the same time with different stampers.