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Although this sequence analysis showed how the sequences differed from each other, further analysis with qRT-PCR demonstrated how a discrepant result between expression changes measured by the cDNA and Affymetrix platforms was actually obtained.
I did not need to be convinced of the value and quality of discrepant event inquiry--that I knew from experience.
It is apparent in Rafael's readings of Rizal's writings that are discrepant with his photographs (pp.
Table 5 shows that the d-group and v-matched group VESPAR discrepancies are not statistically significantly different, whilst both are more discrepant on the VESPAR than the nv-matched group.
It implies that while some latitude may be permitted for the development of ad hoc explanations, the longer this goes on in the face of discrepant evidence, the greater is the likelihood that scientists are engaged in a research program that is constantly repairing one flawed theory after another without any incremental advancement in the empirical content of these theories.
Mackey contests the idea of a center within the framework of a recurring conceptual figure that embodies discrepant engagement: the idea of the phantom limb.
To cut the number of discrepant letters of credit, the pro-forma invoice submitted to the customer before it opens a letter of credit should have the same format as the one used for the customer's invoice.
As Table 2 illustrates, a very small percentage of "use as is" in a moderately complex device produces a very high probability that the device contains discrepant parts.
Of the 10 discrepant malignant cases, a medical technologist had consulted the hematopathologist to review 7 of the cases.
The percentages of the 285 discrepant cases in which the scan gave closer prediction of the date of delivery than the last menstrual period are shown in Table 1.
The egalitarian principle behind the proposal for the seed capital is commendable and based, presumably, on a desire to avoid discrepant influence and political tension created by varying contributions, but it is inevitable that the contribution will pressure some members more than others.
The discrepant findings in different studies might be explainable in part by differences in patient populations.