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According to Barry Eichengreen, the "London discount market's attraction was its safety, and it was safe because the discount houses could turn in the last resort to the Bank of England."(46) By contrast, the absence of a rediscount market for acceptances and other short-term instruments such as was facilitated by the central banks of other leading nations obstructed U.S.
It seems certain that Kwik Save will remain the largest firm in the UK discount market for the foreseeable future.
Ryanair operates from the airport to Dublin and British Airways claims to have entered the discount market with pounds 90 fares to Geneva, via its franchise operator Maersk Air.
Analysts also voiced their concern over the move by the UK's biggest sports retailer into the discount market through the purchase of TJ's.
The company also said Wal-Mart and Target have "made significant inroads into Kmart's share of the retail discount market in recent years."
At Bewicke's, Radley saw such good horses as Roman Holiday, Money Market and Discount Market. He then went on to David Elsworth, where he looked after Heighlin at the end of the hurdler's career.
He said a wider line set it apart from "the limited offer of mainly unknown brands" provided by newcomers to the UK discount market such as Germany's Aldi, Denmark's Netto and France's Ed.
Verdict Research[4] estimated that in 1990 the total retail discount market was valued at some [pounds]6 billion.
As part of its Section 106 Agreement at planning stage, Ascent Homes incorporated four one-bedroom DMV (Discount Market Value) apartments into its recently completed Hemingway Court development which boasts a stunning selection of one and two-bedroomed apartments and penthouses.
He said: "The discount market is so competitive at the moment and joining the team at Poundstretcher at such a crucial time as the brand embarks on a significant period of change is a challenge I'm very excited about."
That could prove particularly significant, given the size of the discount market in the US.
"I think maybe the business had lost its edge and as well as that the discount market has become much more crowded, so it is a tougher environment.