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Discount houses are specialized institutions that operate in sterling money markets and that, historically, have served as an intermediary between the Bank of England and the settlement banks.
Many discount houses offer recycled toner cartridges at large savings.
* The banking sector is comprised of 9 commercial banks, 4 microfinance banks, one development bank, one cooperative bank, one discount house and one mortgage bank.
8:51 p.m.: Main Street, door found ajar at Discount House of Wallpaper.
25 March 2010 - South African Global Credit Rating (GCR) removed from "positive" outlook while keeping the domestic currency ratings of A and A1 in the respective long- and short-term of Nigerian bank Kakawa Discount House Ltd.
Caldor had its start in 1951, when newlyweds Carl and Dorothy Bennett opened what was then known as a discount house. The store was situated in a 1,500-square-foot loft in a little building on the main square of Port Chester, N.Y.
Maybank's other subsidiaries include a discount house, securities firm, a life insurer and a merchant bank.
When was the last time you saw the clerk of a discount house fletching arrows?
I had a choice of making the purchase online, from a big national discount house or from a local family-owned business right here in town.
Not only is the chain preeminent in such basic discount house product categories as apparel and electronics, but it is also surprisingly strong in categories long believed to be the exclusive domain of other retailers.
Closing down the money market operations of the discount house Gerrard & King released pounds 60 million of capital, Mr Levett added.