discount basis

Discount Yield

A way to quote the price for bonds. It is calculated as the annualized yield assuming a 360 day year. One calculates the discount yield thusly:

Discount yield = (Discount from par value / par value) * (360 / Days until maturity)

The discount yield is also called the discount basis or the bank-discount basis.

discount basis

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Place Tax will file both state and federal tax returns on a discount basis but will not offer such gimmicks as so called immediate tax refunds or tax refund loans.
Alongside the launch, Dunelm has also introduced a John Rocha gold membership scheme, which runs until August 31 and works on a volume discount basis.
These centers pro vide care on a sliding fee discount basis and may be able to supplement the care that you provide with mental health services, dental services, and screening programs.
The regulator also rejected Royal Mail's request that Business Post contribute to its overheads on a discount basis rather than Business Post' preferred and cheaper defined cost model.
Conversely, shares lacking control are said to be valued on a minority discount basis.
If the proposal is accepted into the program, SonarMed will assist with study costs by providing SonarMed AMS monitors on a loan or discount basis.
American Factors, which was formed in March, specializes in advancing funds to expanding businesses by purchasing their accounts receivable on a discount basis.
The notes are issued on a discount basis, but if any note is not paid on its expected payment date, it will be converted to an interest-bearing note, called an Extended Note and be due by its maturity date, which is 390 days from the issuance date.
The Notes may be issued on an interest bearing or a discount basis.
The agreement provides for the payment to Dun & Bradstreet of $145 million in cash and, on an original issue discount basis, approximately $35 million in Primark convertible zero-coupon notes and $11 million in zero-coupon notes of a single purpose Primark subsidiary that will indirectly own the stock of Datastream.
DCMT I, series 2000-A, Newcastle program functions similarly to an asset-backed commercial paper program, whereby multiple tranches of short-term certificates are issued on a discount basis and redeemed with proceeds of new issuance over time.
At closing, the LYONs will be issued on an original issue discount basis of $639.