disclosure statement

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Disclosure Statement

1. A document given to a potential borrower by a lender stating all the terms of the loan. This includes the interest rate, the length of the loan, and any applicable fees. Lenders are required to provide disclosure statements. See also: Truth in Lending Act.

2. A document given to a potential IRA account holder stating all the terms of the IRA. This includes the rules, penalties, and applicable fees associated with the IRA. IRA providers are required to provide disclosure statements and give the account holder seven days to opt out of the account with no penalties.

disclosure statement

(1) Also called the Reg-Z box, information required by Regulation Z of the federal Truth in Lending Act.(2) Any other federally required or state-required document designed to inform consumers of rights,responsibilities,or property defects.

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The consultation document includes an alternative to the Dashboard in the form of an amended off-quarter disclosure statement.
In substance, the notice or disclosure statement covers the following points:
Saleh Al-Tunaib, Director of PACA's Financial Disclosure Statements Department, said the financial disclosure statement should be presented by senior officials in executive, legislative and judicial branches about their finances, which could be cash or real estate, in and outside Kuwait.
conditional receipt) even when a replacement is involved, while still maintaining the Disclosure Statement requirement.
Reportable transactions are disclosed on Form 8886, Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement, and, in accordance with Rev.
The disclosure statement would apply to life insurance policies with face amounts of $15,000 or less.
13 it mailed to its creditors and equity security holders its proposed Chapter 11 plan and the related disclosure statement.
A copy of the written disclosure statement, if other than part Il of the "Uniform Application for Investment Adviser Registration" (form ADV), and record of delivery of the disclosure statement.
The disclosure statement is available to the public at the lender's home office and at one branch office in each other MSA in which the lender has a branch.
6707A for failing to (1) attach a reportable transaction disclosure statement to an original or amended return or (2) provide a copy of a disclosure statement to the IRS Office of Taxpayer Analysis (OTSA), if required.