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The business grew over the years and he ended up employing another eight disc jockeys to satisfy the very high demand for DJs during the 70s and 80s.
CUTLINE: (PHOTO) Disc jockey J Wonder, Jason Soltau, plays reggae music at Flava 105.
The disc jockeys I most admire are people like Pete Tong, who is well known on the Ibiza club scene, and singer Boy George.
Providing continuous, CD-standard audio programming 24 hours a day without commercial or disc jockey interruption, DMX is offered by more than 50 leading multisystem operators and is now available to 17 million basic cable subscribers in more than 850 systems in 49 states.
Disc Jockeys On Call expects to reinvest much of this year's revenue in new equipment and music.
That's when leading disc jockeys from nearly 30 radio stations around the U.
The promo will be announced 24 hours a day by the disc jockeys promoting a free trip for two from Miami to Liverpool U.
Three people were being held Monday on suspicion of kidnapping two aspiring disc jockeys from Israel who are still the subject of a missing-person investigation, officials said.
In December, KMF is scheduled to be among the featured acts at a major Christmas concert to benefit Grin Kids, the charity founded by Charlotte disc jockeys ACE and TJ, the widely popular morning show hosts on KISS 95.
Absolut Ritmos' live music program includes the integration of contemporary music with a unique multimedia performance designed by a video jockey, Latin percussionists who "jam" with disc jockeys, and a choreographed dance troupe.
The disc jockeys on KDND-FM's Morning Rave programme called the contest "Hold your Wee for a Wii".
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now pushing police to raid record stores that sell DJ mixes--CDs assembled by disc jockeys to advertise their ability to assemble other people's tracks into a danceable set.