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"Five nights a week, London disc jockeys will be spinning records with the Sceptres, one of London's club land groups, appearing every Thursday."
These 15 female disc jockeys hailing from different parts of the country would showcase their skills in the contest in a bid to win the contest.
The disc jockey was dragged out of the club and onto the sidewalk, where he was punched, struck with a beer bottle and repeatedly kicked in the head and body, rendering him unconscious, according to the reports.
A disc jockey, also known as a DJ, selects and plays recorded music for an audience.
In his analysis of Christianity as a metalanguage used by three disc jockeys to promote unity and inclusion of all residents despite ethnic, age, gender, and class affiliations, Francio Guadeloupe offers a rose-colored understanding of racial relations in St.
And it was up to each disc jockey to pick his own music.
Dubai A British disc jockey faces four years in jail after the Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday found him guilty of consuming hashish in Dubai.
Summary: Tributes have been paid to former disc jockey and TV presenter Simon Dee, who has died after a brief battle against bone cancer.
DISC Jockey Terry Wogan could be losing the gift of the gab.
MEET die new Tony Blackburn, ex-commercial station disc jockey Andy Peebles.
TOP OF THE TOTS: Disc jockey Tony Blackburn met some tiny tots from Teesside when he presented his BBC Radio One show in the Cleveland Centre in November 1977.
Longtime morning ratings horse Bob Robbins, the cowboy-hat-wearing disc jockey on KSSN-FM, 96.1, recently got word that the country music scene's bigwigs in Nashville were tipping their hats in his direction.