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5), where we then disambiguate (in the form of a question) between the four destinations proposed by the router; and the third one (0 - 0.
In fact, 36-month-olds were able to use definite articles when the distracter names were marked or unmarked implying that they may be using syntactic cues to disambiguate between two unmarked nouns.
These findings suggest that speakers' knowledge of the referential situation affects whether they use prosodic breaks to disambiguate utterances.
But once we understand that context disambiguates, then ambiguity is not a problem - it's something you can take advantage of, because you can reuse easy words in different contexts over and over again," he said.
The failure to ascribe the correct sense to a word is often the result of an attempt to disambiguate at a higher level of granularity than required.
Because fiction does not have the same constraints of textual commentary, the other two authors disambiguate DC's enigma.
In order to make an autonomous decision we must at least be able to disambiguate our true from our perceived interests (even if, in the end, we choose against them).
Unfortunately, alternative text rarely accompanies math expressions and when it does, it often fails to disambiguate the expression.
Last year, the company incorporated a variety of methods specifically to help evaluate citations, including Author Identifier, which features the ability to disambiguate sources with the same name, and Citation Tracker.
Moreover, even the paradoxes of the early Zizek are not the content of his discourse but represent a refined rhetoric for evoking the Lacanian Real, a register of existence that resists signification absolutely and so can only be approached through those moments in which the Symbolic systematically fails to disambiguate itself.
4) As Skold (1970) and Anward (1982) point out, there are also a few other factors that can disambiguate a Swedish declarative sentence.
Some level of context is needed to adequately disambiguate the sentence.