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1. Any brokerage account with a restriction, or the restrictions themselves. Disabilities exist generally to prevent conflicts of interest in investment. For example, an employee of the brokerage may be unable to make certain transactions on his account with the brokerage.

2. See: Disability insurance.
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Restrictions or special handling requirements that are placed on an individual's brokerage account. For example, an employee of a financial institution involved in the securities business must have special permission from the employer in order to have a margin account.
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Typical accommodations at this stage include changing testing dates to accommodate doctors' appointments, changing testing sites to those accessible by the disabled, and giving applicants with reading disabilities more time to complete written examinations.
(10.) International Classification of Impairment, Disabilities, and Handicaps.
One goal, according to Claudie Grant Jr., program manager for the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, is to mobilize the black business community to employ more black people with disabilities, and to increase access to employment services and support.
Students with disabilities could very well gain an even greater benefit from each of these areas of personal development.
1, 2004, it applied to retirees with 20 or more years of service and non-combat related disabilities of 50 percent or more.
Next, Janna Scarborough and Dennis Gilbride examine the role of rehabilitation counselors in addressing the career needs of students with disabilities, Meredith Greene provides guidance for career counseling with students who are gifted, and Jean Peterson discusses the counseling needs of students who are gifted.
They also may have grown up in homes where other people were struggling with learning disabilities, so home life was chaotic.
For example, an individual who perceives persons with disabilities as economic burdens to the welfare system (cognition), may be overly cordial and friendly when encountering someone with a visible disability on an elevator (perceived as a behavioral gesture of a positive attitude), however, may have strong negative feelings toward this population (affect).
"The disability studies programs that are springing up across the country are recognizing the frequent absence of qualified people with disabilities and seeking to remedy it," O'Toole says.
O'Brien sets the stage by providing us with a brief history of disability and disability rights in the United States from colonial times, when people with disabilities were often hidden away by ashamed families in a world that valued self-reliance, to our present-day disagreements over the interpretation and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act and issues of judicial oversight affected by the new federalism.
In addition, there are variations by race/Hispanic origin and age in the proportion of the population with severe disabilities.
Learning disabilities (unlike developmental delays) are cognitive problems that are likely to continue throughout life.

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